As well as my work as Technical Architect for award-winning digital agency Somo, I also have a portfolio of applications developed independently, and through the Marmadore software label. So far I have released three iOS apps: the Clave and AutoArp, as well as 8Strummer in association with guitarist Simon Nelson. In addition, I’ve released an Android version of the Clave and 8Strummer.

You can read details of these, and related news, in the posts below…

AutoArp version 2.0 released!

The new version of AutoArp that I have been working nights on has finally been released onto the App Store today. It features a completely redesigned user interface, a new audio processing engine, MIDI support, AudioBus support for inter-app audio, and the ability to share ‘songs’ with other AutoArp users!

The app remains free with a limited set of functionality, with a modest in-app purchase (at the lowest price point) unlocking the full feature set.

You can download it here if you have not already been using it!

8Strummer lands on Android Market

Guitarist and tutor Simon Nelson and I are proud to announce that the first Android version of our rhythm guitar trainer 8Strummer is now available on the Android Market. Since the iOS version was released in June this year, we have had an overwhelming number of requests for an Android version.

You may find the app here on the Market website. If you are viewing this on an Android phone, you may also click here to go directly to 8Strummer in the Market app.

Don’t forget to like the Facebook page as well!

AutoArp 1.3 now FREE in the App Store!

AutoArp has now been updated to version 1.3. The major change is that it is now free for new users – with a limited set of chords. New users can unlock the ability to edit their own songs and chord lists, via a simple In-App Purchase.

Existing users will still be able to access full functionality as before.

In addition, features such as alternative bass notes and an echo effect have been added, as well as lower playback latency (on latest generation devices).

Try it now and play away!

8Strummer Launched in App Store

Screen shot of 8StrummerIn association with guitarist Simon Nelson, a new guitar rhythm trainer app, 8Strummer, has been launched on the iPhone App Store.

Based on the principle of having many configurations of strum and rest strokes in an eighth-note pattern, 8Strummer allows a guitarist to practice rhythm patterns alongside a guide track of variable tempo. It also functions as a great songwriting tool, since random patterns can be generated. Your favourite patterns can be stored to a list of favourites.

Click here to find the app on the App Store.

(Non-iPhone users fear not: an Android version will follow in due course!)

AutoArp 1.2 Released!

AutoArp 1.2 screenshotThe latest version of my app AutoArp for iOS was released today on the iTunes App Store. This version includes the following improvements, plus a funky new retro interface for the synth controls:

  • tremolo effect with LFO frequency and depth
  • ability to save sets of chords as ‘songs’, allowing you to switch between songs quickly
  • ‘about’ page including sharing facility
  • new icon!